Good Morning! short film


Exciting news. I am working on a new short that combines live action and animation (imagine Roger Rabbit). It is a throwback to old Disney animation with a modern twist.

The idea is the brainchild of my girlfriend, Amelia Morck and myself. We have two very talented animators who are graduates of Cal Arts, a great DP, fantastic editor, and awesome Production Designer on board. We will be posting updates on the process and progress here.

Take a look at a animation test below, we will be sure to post more as we get them. Can’t wait to share the project with you all!

toothbrush sample1-2

Long overdue update

A few new things:

1.) The whole website has been redesigned, went for a cleaner vibe. Mr. Kasra Ajir thought it was childish and bloglike, this is as close to adult as I think I can go.

2.)Myself and co-creator Maggie Lyons are working on the Leader of the Pack web series for Universal Cable Productions, more to see in that world in the near future.

3.) Obituary Burglars, the latest short I directed, written by Jono Matt, and Produced by Alex Creasia won Honorable Mention at the ITSA Film Festival.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 3.13.16 PM

4.)The Walk the Moon music video for Tightrope won, Best Music Video at the ITSA Film Festival.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 3.12.34 PM1412300_10151776397566958_1163868484_o

5.) Obituary Burglars should be released and open for the public to view in the coming months.



MotherLover Episodes 1-4

Episodes 1-4 of my web series MotherLover is up. Starring: Jonathan Lipnicki, Ki Hong Lee, Carolyn Hennesy, Joel Murray, Ashley Lendzion, John Weselcouch, and Jerry Prell.

Executive Producers are Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, and Justin Lin. There have been some really positive responses so far. You can check out Jonathan Lipnicki discussing the project on Good Day LA here:

Click the picture below to check episodes 1-4:

Walk the Moon- behind the scenes

Hey there everyone (5 people, 10 maybe?),

Check out the behind the scenes video with the band Walk the Moon. This was such a fun video to create!


Walk the Moon new music Video

The time has come to share the final music video with you all. This was an extremely wonderful experience. Nick, Eli, Sean, and Kevin were so fun and energetic on set and it totally shows in the final product. Thanks go out to my Producers Alex, Becca, and Jay as well as my Production Designer Adi Goodrich, DP Kelly Moore,  the bands manager Lindsay Brandt, as well as future president of this galaxy, Tim the dog. Check it out:

Walk the Moon- Tightrope

Recently I was lucky enough to work with the hugely talented and amazing band Walk the Moon. I Directed the music video for their song ‘Tightrope.’ I worked with the super creative Adi Goodrich and the imaginative Kelly Moore and am really proud of the video. It should be released soon, but for now check out some shots from the shoot.


Welcome to

I’ll be posting updates on my work on this website. Thanks for checking out what I have going on. Here is the trailer for my new web series: MotherLover Executive Produced by Joe and Anthony Russo and Justin Lin and airing on YOMYOMF.

The show is about 25 yr. old Tim who goes away to the PeaceCorps for two years and returns to find that his best friend Chaz has married his mother. The series stars Jonathan Lipnicki, Ki Hong Lee, Carolyn Hennessy, and Joel Murray.